An Introduction

Part of being a good business is contributing back to our customers, communities and the knowledge base.  We’re a family owned paper money, coin and jewelry business providing collectors and those appreciating nice Southwestern, Native American and other jewelry, quality coins, and paper money at reasonable prices.  We are available through our website, as well as eBay, santafeworldcoins*currency.  Check us out regularly as we have new listings of coins, paper and jewelry coming out all the time.

Part of what we enjoy doing is finding new “old stuff” and bringing this to the attention of historians and those interested.  In the process, regional historians, enthusiasts and others gain, in a small way, knowledge previously unknown.  That’s what makes this business so much fun.  It’s the cool factor with coins and paper money as well as with old pawn jewelry and other items for that matter.  Then that leads to the follow up question, how did that interesting “old stuff” end up here.

The latest cool stuff here includes an obsolete currency-broken bank note from a bank that turned out to be not so broken, a Freeman of London proclamation from the 1600’s and commercial correspondence from Brigham Young.  Found anything cool lately?  We’d love to hear about it.


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